Posted by:McKinley Hackett May 12th, 2016

I have an App idea!  …just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

There are 92 billion apps downloaded, with another 268 million projected for 2017 and hundreds of thousands of people making apps.   Trust me…you don’t want just anybody building your app.

The mobile industry has gone through ebbs and flows as the smartphone industry has matured.  Those from the industry are familiar with “fragmentation”, “churn”, and “seeking the killer app”.  Initially individual mobile companies addressed specific technical problems, but now the market has matured and SDKs (software developer kits) enable a much larger pool of people to conceive, develop, and deploy billions of application in the respective app stores.


Since there are so many people who can now build your app, there is a greater need to make sure you have a good idea before you spend money.  For example I had one client describe a product idea, which was already a mainstream solution by Google.  We could have built this app for him, but that would be poor business ethics.  So protect yourself with finding the right partners and engage in deep due diligence.

Here are the critical questions to ask yourself:

  1. Will my application improve an existing process
  2. What is my monetization model
  3. can I leverage data sources only available to me, so I can differentiate
  4. What is unique about my app which will have users continue to use it
  5. Are there other apps which address the same identified problem
If you are confident in your answers then the next step is to determine who can help you.  As mentioned earlier, there is a low barrier to entry for someone to claim to be an application developer.  In making your selection investigate the follow:
  1. Are they focused on functionality or glitz
  2. Depth of integration into backend systems
  3. What do the sample applications look like
  4. Does the company seek lasting relationships and in what manner
  5. How experienced is the team
  6. What tools and processes are used to communicate during the build process
If you can get “flying colors” in all of these areas then, we will all benefit in you contributing to the pool of applications to improve our lives!

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