Imagine a world where everyone involved in a patient’s care (primary physician, specialists, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies) can share and use a patient’s medical information regardless of what applications they use to store and manage data.

Such a world would reduce patient frustrations, add efficiency in clinical and administrative processes, improve financial performance for organizations, and, most importantly, make dramatic improvements in the quality of patient care.

What Is Interoperability? 

It’s the practice of making such an open, cohesive, and shared world happen. It’s no longer just a buzz word but a vital strategic initiative for healthcare organizations.

Boston Technology Corporation has the experience to integrate systems at different levels of interoperability and complexity by using protocols such as:

  • FHIR/HL7
  • Blue Button 2.0

We ensure health information systems work together within and across organizational boundaries to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for patients.

Case Study

Interleukin Genetics: Building a holistic solution, from test ordering to report delivery

Interleukin Genetics developed and marketed proprietary genetic tests for chronic inflammatory diseases and health-related conditions.   The company was later…

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Blue Button 2.0: Digital Health Records application built for ‘Health Data Analytics Institute’

The Health Data Analytics Institute, LLC (HDAI) has the initiative to enable Medicare program beneficiaries to securely download and share…

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Case Study

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