Leverage digital technology to achieve healthcare interoperability

We offer technology solutions to build interoperability among a disparate set of applications, products, and data systems.

Drive life-saving conversations using healthcare data interoperability

Interoperability in healthcare is the timely and secure access to electronic health data via API integrations to enhance health outcomes for individuals and populations.

Build solutions that let patients, physicians, payers, researchers, and tech providers securely access and leverage longitudinal health data for better health outcomes. Work with us to integrate healthcare IT systems and applications within and across organizational boundaries to enable health data interoperability.

Facilitate disparate Health IT systems and HIEs (Health Information Exchange) to talk to each other.

Leverage integration of protected PHI governed by FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), HL7, and other essential standards.


Provide improved care to patients with secure access to integrated health data.

Realize the benefits of interoperability across health information systems

Not just clinical care, complete healthcare management begins with data interoperability. Stakeholders such as physicians, nurses, payers, pharmacists, the government, and research organizations should be on the same page so that patients can receive quality care and attention across diagnosis, admission, treatment, and post-discharge from healthcare facilities.

We help you reap the myriad benefits of data interoperability in healthcare:
  • Make better clinical decisions with longitudinal patient records shared through HIEs.
  • Formulate better health plans with an improved understanding of medical needs.
  • Acquire rich datasets for population health research studies.
  • Reduce physician burnout with less paperwork and greater efficiency.
  • Empower patients to become partners in their healthcare.

Overcome challenges while complying with regulations

The current healthcare system is burdened with roadblocks that hinder the improvement of interoperability. These roadblocks include cost barriers, administrative burden to healthcare professionals, lack of adoption of cloud technology, and privacy and security challenges. BTC’s next-gen solutions help you overcome these interoperability challenges and unlock the full potential of digital health.

Stakeholders constantly strive to adhere to federal policies and regulations that promote health systems. At BTC, we ensure our solutions healthcare industry data sharing utilize the latest interoperability standards and comply with mandatory industry regulations such as HIPAA, the 21st Century Cures Act, the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule, and CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Final Rule.

ONC- Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology CMS- The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Take the cloud route to healthcare interoperability

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and cloud technology have given a new impetus to healthcare interoperability. Leverage these technological advantages with a comprehensive, interoperable EHR (Electronic Health Records) system and other healthcare applications.

HL7/FHIR APIs provided by EHR systems

Leverage FHIR and HL7 standards to make the data interoperability possible among EHR vendors, paving the way for better care coordination. Leverage our expertise in Patient Access API, Provider Access API, Payer-to-Payer API, and other APIs to make applications used in your health system truly interoperable.

Google Cloud Healthcare API

Get a unified view of data in FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM formats. Cloud Healthcare API facilitates easy and standardized data exchange between healthcare applications built on Google Cloud. BTC has built clinical and analytical solutions on a fully managed, scalable development environment offered by Google Cloud.

Blue Button 2.0

The CMS Blue Button 2.0 API enables beneficiaries to link their Medicare claims data to the solutions, services, and research programs they trust. Build applications using Blue Button 2.0 APIs and allow content-driven, secure access to patients’ claims data and other healthcare information.

Harmonize data with Google Cloud Healthcare Data Engine

With the release of the Healthcare Data Engine, Google Cloud is now helping organizations harmonize data from multiple sources such as EHRs and patients’ own. Transform from disparate systems into a cohesive, standardized dataset, enabling interoperable patient records.


  • Get an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data for clinicians
  • Facilitate the seamless exchange of patient information among healthcare organizations
  • Gain health insights for real-time decisions on population health and other critical needs.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Accelerate research and optimize clinical trials.
  • Enable advanced analytics in the cloud.

Unlock data insights with Google Cloud Healthcare API

Google Cloud Healthcare API is a fully managed, serverless, scalable service that helps organizations access and store patient data in GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Leverage the full potential of Cloud Healthcare API to:


  • Standardize data exchange between healthcare applications and care systems.
  • Ingest and manage critical data types such as FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM.
  • Stream data to Google’s analytics and ML tools such as BigQuery and Looker.
  • Rapidly develop, test, and deploy production-grade ML models.
  • Export outputs of these ML models directly to the cloud and integrate them into existing clinical workflows.

Blue Button 2.0

Blue Button 2.0 is a movement that enables patients to have access to their mediclaim data. With Blue Button 2.0 API, developers can add value for Medicare beneficiaries, healthcare providers, researchers, and other stakeholders across Healthcare and Life Sciences.


BTC has built applications leveraging the Blue Button 2.0 APIs to:

  • Reduce the patient burden with effective treatment interventions.
  • Empower physicians to access holistic patient information for better treatment.
  • Uncover new insights for researchers to improve population health outcomes.
  • Help pharmacies determine treatment outcomes and assess medication adherence.
  • Access and monitor health information through a single dashboard.

Extend the capability of your health IT infrastructure via APIs

Build, govern, secure, and monetize your organization’s APIs across multiple cloud environments. Work with us to drive innovation through unified API management while meeting security and compliance requirements.

  • Unlock new revenue streams for your business
  • Create flexible, agile, adaptable, and innovative digital platforms
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities that affect APIs and ensure security compliance
  • Easily share the API documentation and coding construct with internal teams and users
  • Data-driven decisions about applications and services through API Analytics

Why BTC for interoperability solutions

We embrace complexity and deliver innovative healthcare solutions for our clients. Get data harmonization, API and consent management, application development, and support and maintenance to bring your interoperability initiatives to life.


Technology solutions that are vendor-agnostic and integrate with legacy or modern technologies


Custom web and mobile applications leveraging FHIR/HL7, SMART on FHIR, and Blue Button 2.0 standards.


Dedicated team bringing in-depth knowledge and experience in healthcare IT.


Rapid project delivery via effective coordination among multiple stakeholders.


HIPAA and SOC2 compliant solutions that match the rapidly evolving industry regulations.

Customers that trust us


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Interoperability in Healthcare

Interoperability in healthcare refers to the ability of various health IT systems and software to exchange and use information. 

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