Clinical Research

Participant satisfaction and willingness to participate is heightened through the use of remote, digital means rather than by traditional data collection methods. Why Digitize?  Because taking your studies digital means:
  • Having more time analyze data versus trying to collect it
  • Broader reach geographically and demographically
  • Shortened time to market
  • Maintain security and data integrity
  • Real-World evidence and biomarkers
You can capture data from various sources, either patient-reported or system/event generated. Then transform that data into a format that is suitable for: secure storage and access; research and downstream analysis; Machine Learning; AI, and dynamic feedback-based patient applications. Boston Technology Corporation helps you utilize tools and systems that aid with robust and sophisticated data operations, including complex queries and search indices, extensive reporting and analytics, and data-driven elicitation of actionable insights.
Case Study

FDA MyStudies: Streamline clinical trials and data collection with real time, patient-reported outcomes

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BlackThorn Therapeutics’ study to probe cognition with reward/loss interactions

An iPad app that probes cognitive ability as it relates to incentive-based motivation, in a controlled setting, where study participants are allocated tasks that can result in monetary reward or loss. Tasks require the participants to demonstrate their spatial memory skills when driven by these motivational factors. Tasks are presented at random and points calculated Read Case study
Case Study

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