Posted by:Srini Bhopal November 19th, 2013

Every day, I see delivery guys from Fedex, UPS, DHL, Staples, W.B. Mason and a host of other companies walk in and out of my office building. All these honest, hard-working folks – driving around, receiving, delivering shipments, filing reports, making sure they do their role to perfection. If they are asked to observe what is going on their routes and report back things such as:

– A new office building being built?

– A business shutting down?

– A business leasing an additional floor?

– A new competitor doing the same rounds?

– Coffee house chatter amongest employees on going-ons in their companies?

How valuable could this information be?

Now imagine this information flow being constant and layered with information collected on specific customers or prospects or competitors from business press or stock market data and being converted into actionable intelligence which can be fed to product managers and sales teams of the company! Sounds interesting? We think so too!

Consider this – what does your field force do every day?

  • Travel large distances seeing a thousand things happen on their routes.
  • Meet building managers and customers
  • Unconsciously absorb or pick up information that can open up unique opportunities for the company when they are in a coffee shop or fast food restaurant.

What happens to all this information? It is just forgotten! What if your field staff could whip out their smart phones loaded with easy to use mobile apps that allowed them to:

  • effortlessly record observations on the go
  • send real time information to the mother ship
  • suggest improvements
  • express their opinions

What if these mobile apps are not seen as an additional burden but as a very important and fun part of their job? Would it take too much effort or training or change to work in your environment? Really?!!  What if your competitors got on to the enterprise mobility band wagon first? What if your CEO thought of this idea and started pushing it?

In my opinion, given the fact that the employees use mobile apps for a myriad of reasons in their personal lives, they are more than ready and willing to bring those skills to their work life. All it takes is some imagination, planning, implementation and motivation from their managers.

Get that thinking cap out and see what app ideas you can generate and make life more interesting for your field staff and for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping, if needed.

So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep e into your topic of interest !

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