Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 3rd, 2014

If you’re wondering about the unprecedented growth of API platforms in the mobility sector, here’s why. Mobile app developers use APIs to create native applications for multiple platforms, following native app development best practices. APIs act as service distribution channels to these mobile platforms. Ok, understood. So how do API platforms actuallysupport mobile apps?

API Management Platforms And Mobile Apps

Every app requires scores of backend data – data that needs to be gleaned from multiple sources. What brings this data to the consumer (mobile app)? API Management Platforms.

Consider the MapQuest Directions API for example. A user can request for driving directions from any mobile platform – Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry. Driving instructions are provided by the API to all platforms according to platform-specific delivery modes. It’s the API’s job to manipulate the data to fit the app’s needs.

Other good examples are the Google Directions API and the Google Maps Elevation API. These APIs successfully separate the data from the individual platform technology to which they deliver.  So here it is – APIs are fuelling mobile apps, and as the mobile industry grows, API platforms are also growing.

How API Platforms Support Mobile Apps

API platforms guarantee that information is delivered to mobile apps according to their design time and runtime capabilities. API Platforms perform a number of tasks that make it possible for mobile apps to perform as expected, as follows:

  • Transform, merge and aggregate data gleaned from multiple sources
  • Display the data on the app
  • Monitor service availability and update the app
  • Provide secure data and authenticate users
  • Apply policy-based governance to provide correct level of access to specific data (based on app user’s subscription status)
  • Ensure SLAs are met

Monitor and meter API usage (bandwidth, number of connections, concurrent requests) for monetization and billing purposes.

Is API platform a part of your mobile strategy? Have you implemented an API platform in your organization? Leave your comment in the below field.

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