Posted by:Richard Smith August 12th, 2015

The Hospitality Industry is generally defined as hotels, motels, inns, resorts or such businesses that provides transitional or short-term lodging, with or without food. What are these businesses doing to leverage mobile apps???


  • Finding and attracting customers
  • Maximizing RoG – Return of the Guest

The major disrupter in hospitality is AirBnB, the Uber of hospitality.It matches the owner of a real estate asset with available accommodations to travelers looking for a place to stay. Using AirBnB you get what you want fast. And usually more affordable than the usual hotel or inn. When it comes to attracting do-it-yourself travelers, AirBnB is tough competition for traditional hospitality businesses. They have existing channels of distribution like travel agents and online agents like Travelocity,Trip Advisor etc. Which may not be as convenient as AirBnB.

Where hospitality business can leverage a mobile app is in RoG – Return of the Guest. A property owner offering accommodations on AirBnB is not likely to have a branded, convenient and easy to use mobile app to order services, summon housekeeping, find locations of interest about town or get a special offer via QR code/push notification. Those capabilities and more are available to enhance customer experience and RoG.

More importantly hospitality can leverage mobility behind the scenes with staff and management operations. A good example is the mobile app HiBox which is used by housekeeping to more quickly turn rooms around.

What makes a successful Enterprise Mobility strategy? Download the Infographic to know more!

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