Posted by:Nithin Rao March 13th, 2015

[The Friday Find –A new series that covers fascinating innovations and amazing creations in the world of Mobile business and technology]

The recently concluded Mobile World Congress showed us how enterprise mobility is evolving. IBM especially, flexed its muscles with its MobileFirst paltform and how it is transforming enterprises with the power of mobility.

Last year IBM and Apple developed various apps exclusively for enterprises. This MWC, they launched a few more applications personalized for various industries. Here’s a look.

Advisor Alerts: This exclusive application for banking and financial services helps advisors who are on the go. The main feature of the application is to prioritize client related tasks and assist the need of individual clients in an improved manner. The app is packed with extensive back end customized analytics, portfolio impacting alerts, steps to follow and secure communication with the office for performing various tasks.


Passenger Care: This application looks promising. More often than not we are all victims of bad service from travel companies. This application helps customer service agents to resolve customer issues anywhere with detailed information about customers through which they can provide more personalized customer service.


Dynamic Buy:Dynamic buy helps retailers to make better decisions with real time perspective and data driven recommendations on how products are performing etc. The application also gives recommendations on how to gain maximum ROI on selling and pricing of products.


As an IBM MobileFirst partner, we at BTC extensively using IBM MobileFirst platform for developing various enterprise applications for our clients. The applications above definitely a bench mark for us what you think of these apps? I would like to know.

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