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An intelligent medical transport platform integrating modern and legacy systems

Innovative solution built for a leading non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider.

We built an ‘Intelligent Transport’ system for About Healthcare (formerly Central Logic) that delivers seamless, automated, and efficient transportation coordination for health systems.

This sizable digital platform (with three web and two mobile applications) connects healthcare providers with NEMT providers and ambulance crew members to discharge and transfer patients.

The easy-to-use platform:

  • reduces human intervention turnaround time and improves cost savings for health systems.
  • has an analytics dashboard to provide critical information on transport requests and patient discharge workflows.
  • offers real-time ‘location and geofencing’ features to help hospital-staff monitor patient transport status, thus ensuring patient safety and engagement. Facilitates seamless management of vehicle inventory and optimization of transport capacities.
  • Facilitates seamless management of vehicle inventory and optimization of transport capacities.
  • is a scalable solution to support future integrations with external systems and the adoption of new technologies.
An intelligent medical transport platform integrating modern and legacy systems
Integration with Lyft – a one of its kind innovation in a healthcare setup

Our team extended the capability of About Healthcare’s core platform via Lyft’s APIs. This integration allows providers to arrange transport for patients

who do not require an ambulance, and a Lyft vehicle would suffice. Along with enhancing the patient experience, the integration helps providers earn additional revenue.

Integration with RescueNet Dispatch

RescueNet Dispatch is a widely adopted computer-aided dispatch solution suite for emergency medical services (EMS). It is a client-server solution that requires a dedicated server on the customer’s premises.

With this integration, About Healthcare’s ‘provider’ customers could work seamlessly with transport companies who were using RescueNet Dispatch and were unable to adapt the digital ‘Intelligent Transport’ system.

Ride the next wave of innovation with digital health data integration

Health data integration helps uncover crucial insights to improve health outcomes. Boston Technology Corp. engineers have extensive know-how in collecting data through custom call-back mechanisms and utilizing that data for innovative digital healthcare applications. We have worked on numerous data integration projects leveraging Apple Health, Fitbit, and AWS.

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An innovative fall detection system using Apple Watch

Innovation for one of the largest health systems in Louisiana, United States.

We developed an iOS app and a companion Apple Watch app to manage the response to fall detection of patients with mobility challenges. The sleek and user-friendly app detects a fall. It then notifies the health system’s call center and the patient’s emergency contacts.

The notification includes the fall resolution provided by Apple and the coordinates of the patient to help them with accurate information.

The app also tracks and stores patients’ health information, including activity, sleep, walk, and GPS data. This information is then sent to the health system’s data center (monitoring center and database) via REST APIs for further use.
An intelligent medical transport platform integrating modern and legacy systems

The application:

  • assists in setting up a user profile and pairing itself with the Apple Watch
  • enables consultation with a nurse in case of emergency
  • collects key metrics from Apple Health and transfers them to the data center using API.

Collection of patient-generated, real-world data from health devices

Innovative solution built for a Newton, MA-based leading pharmaceutical company pioneering novel cancer therapies.

The solution supported its clinical trial designs and observational studies. BTC built iOS and Android apps for this pharmaceutical company to capture data from Withings devices (scale and watch).

Data collected included body weight, activity, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, PWV through the SFTP data transfer mechanism. An API was built to sync the data from devices with the cloud.

Collection of patient-generated, real-world data from health devices

The application:

  • Connected to Withings Body+ (a wifi scale ) and Move (an activity tracker watch)
  • Integrated with the Withings Native SDK and Webviews for data sync and collection
  • Provided a unique identifier linked to the corporate account to identify the user
  • Read the data for the dashboard from Withings Cloud.
  • Maintained the security infrastructure of data read and write and adhered to healthcare industry standards such as HIPAA to safeguard patient information.

A digital health platform powering a sustainable weight loss program

A digital platform built for a health and wellness company solving complexities and interoperability opportunities

Denver-based Healthy Launchpad, Inc. – a digital health company helped its users with a 26-week sustainable weight loss program using the digital platform that we built.

The platform captures health data from lab tests, medical devices, and patient-filled questionnaires.
Collection of patient-generated, real-world data from health devices

The application:

  • monitors data across four critical domains – sleep, nutrition, stress, and activity.
  • calculates health index based on activities and diet via the Decisions Rules engine.
  • creates a health plan with daily tasks and content customized for each participant.
  • Securely collects data on progress using different integrations – AWS services, Apple Health, Fitbit, and Nutritionix.
  • Captures users’ lab test results multiple times during the program using Quest
  • offers video interactions with coaches and peer-to-peer support chat using Twilio integration.

The integrations:

  • Fitbit and Apple Watch: Collects health data, including activity, sleep, and weight
  • Kafka: Processes Fitbit updates and calculates index scores in real time using the health data
  • Twilio: Schedules calls between coaches and participants and supports peer-to-peer and technical chat.
  • Nutritionix:Provides the nutritional value of food, such as carbs, proteins, and fats, entered by the users.
  • offers video interactions with coaches and peer-to-peer support chat using Twilio integration.
  • Quest: Captures users’ lab test results multiple times during the program.

Reimagining the collection of traditional computer vision datasets

A suite of mobile and web applications built for a company enabling the development of Visual AI-driven applications.

The applications that we built are helping this company build a massive library of consented and privacy-protected video datasets. In turn, digital health companies are using these datasets to create solutions such as home-based patient monitoring.

The solution includes native mobile apps (Android, iOS) with built-in informed consent and support and a web-based admin application to manage platform users with integrated AWS services.

People from five continents and fifty countries across the globe are currently using the app that we built to capture and provide user videos in real-life settings.
Reimagining the collection of traditional computer vision datasets

The mobile app allows users to:

  • record, annotate, and verify custom video datasets in real-time at low costs
  • anonymize videos collected in real-time by blurring out detected faces of non consented subjects before uploading them
  • track and save each frame coordinates of the video
  • edit both objects and activities captured in the video
  • handle video resolutions in different orientations
  • use multiple Bounding Box (rectangular border enclosing an image) with animation and trim activities and objects while editing
  • take gestures such as Tap, Double Tap, Pinch during video editing
  • view, playback, and give feedback to videos uploaded by other users
  • access the secure storage environment created to store videos and annotations in a structured manner

A clinical decision support solution eliminating drug-induced medical complications

Solution built for a healthcare (software) product company addressing the key issue of adverse drug reactions.

We built its intelligent digital platform for this healthcare product company. The platform provides actionable adverse drug reactions and safety information that is not otherwise readily available.
This platform provides clinicians with up-to-date information on adverse drug reactions from publicly available data sources with a simple search.

This information helps eliminate unnecessary tests and interventions, improve diagnostic performance, enhance health outcomes, and reduce the cost of delivery.

A clinical decision support solution eliminating drug-induced medical complications

The platform designed by BTC:

  • provides actionable results for queries such as patient symptoms, problems, or findings.
  • consolidates drug adverse effects at different levels, including FDA medical reviews, peer-review journals, biomedical literature, and post-market case studies.
  • delivers factual data ranked by level of evidence within a few seconds to physicians during consultations or hospital rounds.
  • allows healthcare providers to collect, analyze, and act on post-market information on drug safety.
  • improves search capabilities by monitoring clinical performance reviews and health outcomes achieved.
  • is intuitive and integrates evidence-based frameworks and methods.
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