Healthcare DMS: Technology Consulting and Solution Design

Healthcare Document Management SystemTechnology Consulting and Solution Design

A first-phase project to assess the needs and opportunities for optimization of the current and
planned Release of Health Records Information process in the relevant department of the client’s
Document Management function.

About the Technology Consulting and
Solution Design Assignment

BTC was chosen to provide strategic technology consulting and solution design services for a client that is a document management solutions company involved in physical and electronic document management systems and processes from document scanning to destruction. The company also handles Release of Information (ROI) outsourcing with healthcare provider partners and physical document storage centers located nationally across the US, and owns and uses a platform-product that is a workflow management solution.

The assignment required BTC to

  • Understand the current systems and processes in use
  • Identify pain points and their root causes
  • Recommend optimization strategies for the current business process

  • Recommend technology strategies to make changes to the existing or

  • Design custom and improved process, interfaces and components for the new solution.
  • Provide actionable documentation for all of the above

The Solution that had to be designed