Posted by:Richard Smith March 28th, 2014

Apple is rumored to have developed a healthcare app for iOS being called Healthbook.Based upon some articles on, the plans for Healthbook appear pretty ambitious. In addition to fitness stats, Healthbook seems to indicate a means of monitoring oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels, bloodwork, hydration and respiration.

Healthbook though, is an app, not a monitoring device like Fitbit. Where is the data for this going to come from? The rumored iWatch is one possibility. Perhaps other data like bloodwork will have to be entered manually or with connection to a personal health record on a hospital’s EHR. There is also the possibility that the Healthbook app will support devices other than the iWatch.

There are 1000’s of health care apps out there and they are generating tons of useful data. Health care providers have barely gotten started trying to exploit it. Standards will have to evolve to make access to the data simple, secure and easy to implement. Apple has clout and with Healthbook perhaps that will serve as a standard for some. Others might prefer an industry standard that is open, like UNIX compared to Windows.

Our health care system is burdened by the costs of chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis and others. Mobile apps will enable providers to help patients manage their conditions to keep them healthier and out of expensive hospitals.

Ironically billions of dollars will be spent trying to make that happen. Companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft may find themselves competing with health care providers and insurers who are eager to solve these problems.

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