Posted by:Nithin Rao May 25th, 2016

Google recently had its annual developer’s conference where it showcases updates in Android OS and new platforms. Here are a few key takeaways from the conference.

Android N

Google has officially introduced the new Android N. This new update of the OS will improve the performance of graphics and let you run apps side by side. Still to be named Android N focuses on productivity, performance and security. The new update is said to have file level encryption and automatic security downloads.

Android N is going to be the launchpad for the other services provided by Google like Auto, Wear and Daydream.


Google Cardboard, the simple and affordable Google virtual reality platform was an instant hit. But this has not stopped Google from innovating more. Daydream, a new virtual reality platform promises to take virtual reality to next level. The Android N based platform will help VR headset makers and app developers to create more captivating content.

The platform involves mainly smartphones, headphones controllers and applications. Although it is very similar to existing virtual reality platforms out there the potential is too big to ignore.

Android Instant Apps

Probably one of the most talked about topic of the event is Android Instant apps. With instant apps, the user can run the app on Google servers and only the needed things will be sent to the user’s device. This will be of great use for someone who wants to explore more than the 1.5 million apps on the Playstore. This will directly affect the app makers who now have to maintain the app user experience standards high and making a permanent spot on users phones a privilege.


Google Assistant and Google Home

The smart and with a sense of humor virtual assistants are becoming a huge success and Google wants to have its own take on this platform. Google Assistant the voice recognition based virtual assistant is capable of doing many things in your phone but the real application can be seen all new venture called Google Home.

Google Home: In addition to its function as a virtual assistant on your phone the voice input based product can control the devices like Nest in your home and also can be used for playing music, ordering food or booking a cab.

Amazon echo which was launched two years ago does a similar job and has sold more than 3 million units which tell a lot about its latent potential.

“Allo” Everyone

We have more than 2 dozen chatting apps but  Google chat apps are not something that is on top of our list. With Allo, Google wants to change that. The all new mobile only app has some cool innovations and inspirations from other chat applications. The biggest selling point and feature of the app is the smart reply suggestions based on the context of the conversations.

Other than the major announcements made above here are a few business related announcements which is of importance to enterprise mobility

  • Improvements in Android OS is of great importance for enterprise app developers. Reduced app permissions, chrome browser integration across applications and considerably better battery life will definitely help Android to perform better in the enterprise mobility scenario.
  • Android fingerprint access: The open authentication API now can be used by developers who can provide better security with fingerprint based access.
  • Availability of Google Maps offline, Google pay for retailers, and few more improvements in already existing products has huge effect on businesses that use these services extensively.
Although Google I/0 2016 lacked any big bang fancy and game changing announcements, Google is definitely making inroads into new areas of technology. We have to wait and watch!!

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