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iOS 7 ushered in beautiful design. And strong feelings. People loved it or hated it. The politically correct percentage of the population were ‘getting used to it’.

But, I ask, what’s not to love? We have been using smartphones for some time now and we no longer need visual clues to steer our way around functionality. Three- dimension depictions of real-world counterparts with bevels, shadows, gradients and all the bells and whistles are just not necessary anymore. So, a fond farewell to skeuomorphism!iphone

Of course, Jony Ive said it best – ‘ It’s about bringing order to complexity ‘. So, we have flat design – which is clean, clear, uses ample white space, geometric shapes, effective typography and is, did I mention it? CLEAN.

But, that’s over simplifying Apple’s intent. This design was just not a face life, but was intended to be a harbinger of design innovation for future products. Wearables, anyone?

Flat design is such a practical option for businesses today. Websites and mobile apps are increasingly becoming user-centric and are tools to interact, engage and influence users. And design is where it all begins. For example, the color palette that flat design employs. When the focus is away from the icons itself, designers can use the white space around to draw the user’s attention to perhaps the product image or literature. Which brings us to another aspect of flat design, the oh so elegant typography. Fonts that beckon the user to read and explore. With the number of enterprise mobile apps on the rise, this is a good way to stand out rom the crowd.

Here is another real world problem flat design solves. With fewer filters, shadows and layers to contend with, image size is much smaller. When browsers try to render graphics, voila, pages load faster. And flat design scales well for smaller screens. So, your custom mobile apps design is easier. Ask any marketer how crucial this is to website rankings and user experience.

Adopted properly, flat design shines the emphasis on great content instead of flashy graphics. So, users will spend more time on the app /site and pay attention to what you are saying. That is the pathway to more traffic, engagement and conversion.

Flat design is already changing the way apps, websites and product are designed and it wont be soon, before people look back at iOS6 and heave a sign of relief that flat design and iOS 7 happened.

Are you a flat design fan? I would love to hear your thoughts

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