Posted by:admin April 27th, 2016

Enterprise mobility was a buzzword a couple of years ago but is passé in today’s enterprise world.Enterprise mobile apps have run the gamut from one off apps to test the waters to scalable, flexible app portfolios that are meet variety of enterprise needs.

However one thing that has not changed is the principles that determine enterprise app success and adoption. As enterprises grew and their client and web applications became bigger, more complex and ultimately unwieldy, the impact on the user was not that significant as the expectations were different. Users grew used to navigating these applications as they had relatively powerful desktops to do so.

But mobile apps do not have that luxury. They run on devices that have less computing power, are much more unforgiving of bad user experience and slow performance is a sure app killer.

To meet user expectations, enterprise apps are designed to be simple and provide a key set of features to meet a particular objective. This trend has resulted in more apps but also more successful apps. On the flip side, it leads to higher development, maintenance and deployment effort for multiple apps. Enterprises need to have a unified and consistent strategy around branding, design and development of multiple apps and that may serve different objectives but have to reflect the enterprise’s vision and brand messaging.

The learning from mobility initiatives will help enterprises as they navigate the IoT and wearables landscape.

Here are the 7 keys to a succesful enterprise mobility startegy.Download the infographic to know more!

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