Posted by:Ranjani Rao January 16th, 2014

Your decision to go mobile may have started off with a single app to collect/share or simply access data. Remember those simple apps with raw UI? I am sure your mobile apps have come a long way. If you are on the right track, your apps now would look simpler, work smoother and perform multiple functions with minimum screen transitions. Well my friend, it not as easy as it sounds.


What do you think is the most time consuming aspect of an enterprise mobile app development project? Backend integration – the only way your app can access and exchange data with your existing line of business systems. App Integration is the key!

The complex world of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Almost every mobile app in the B2B sector is an integrated app. Some of the most common integration sockets include:
  • CRMs
  • ERPs
  • Social Media
  • Web portals
  • Payment Gateways
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Enterprise Databases
Consider the complexities involved in developing mobile apps with multiple integrations. Here, the challenge faced by mobile app developers will be to impart a seamless user experience, with real time data and consistent performance. So, mobile app development in enterprises is not a child’s play!

Select the champion

The most widely accepted integration mechanism involves employing web services. Web services will retrieve data from the backend systems in a format that the actual app recognizes and usually it is the XML or JSON format. Web services may, as of now, be the mobile app integration champions.

However, there will be serious threats to their status as enterprise mobility evolves. Aren’t we missing a middleware here? A mobile middleware connecting backend systems and a loosely coupled mobility architecture that supports flexible deployment models and service interdependencies. This model will be more sustainable, no doubt!

How have you integrated your mobile apps to the backend systems? Would you consider deploying a mobile middleware supporting integrations and data aggregation? Let me know your thoughts.

Take charge of your enterprise app strategy today! Get started with this infographic on mobile app integration.

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