Posted by:Ranjani Rao August 2nd, 2012

From what we’re seeing and hearing on the internet grapevine, mobile app developers, especially in the enterprise space, should get ready for Windows RT tablets and notebooks expected to flood markets from October to well within 2013. Media reports hint that Microsoft is tying up with multiple manufacturers to make a sweeping statement in the mobile market. Consumerism is hitting IT in the corporate space and Microsoft plans to figure into it big time.

Prepare for the wave of Windows RT

Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet will hit markets the same time as Windows 8 releases for public consumption on October 26, 2012. This tab will run on NVIDIA’s ARM chip and from what we heard, Windows RT machines would work with ARM chipsets from NVIDIA, Texas Instruments (TI) and Qualcomm. Further, it was reported that these manufacturers were allowed only two hardware manufacturers by Microsoft’s diktat.

NVIDIA has chosen Lenovo and ASUS as its hardware partners. In fact, ASUS has already announced its Tablet 600 Windows RT tablet or notebook at Computex. It’s gone the whole way with a complete list of specifications, videos and photos. Lenovo though has been secretive.

TI has fixed on Toshiba alone. Again, Toshiba too presented a reference Windows RT tab at Computex though a view was all people got. Rumors state that Toshiba has two Windows RT in the works including a clamshell and a tab with a dock for the keyboard.

Qualcomm is going with Samsung. Hewlett-Packard was the second choice but HP pulled out of the deal a month back stating that their first Windows 8 tabs will be based on the x86 platform; a decision they said was based on input from customers. In any case, Samsung is expected to launch its Windows RT tab as Windows 8 hits general availability.

That’s a good number of Windows RT tablets for mobile app developers and enterprise app developers to focus on. However, that’s not all. A week or so back, Taiwan-based China Timespublished a report stating that Dell would be Qualcomm’s Windows RT OEM. And Microsoft is also relaxing its tight reins for more manufacturers to build Windows RT devices from January, 2013.

As I said, expect a deluge of Windows RT tablets October onwards. We’ll probably have more concrete information at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, next year January. And after Windows RT, we have Windows Pro to look forward to.

The period 2012-2013 promises to be momentous for Microsoft, Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows users. The cloud and mobile is where it’s at and Microsoft’s latest innovations intend to moves its user base in that direction too.

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