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Mobility is strategic to the growth of your business, no matter the kind of enterprise.

Here are two examples:

Customer Success – 1

BTC enabled a large construction firm to raise productivity by 26% for its field managers.

We introduced mobility in the field workflow process to collect real time site data like photos, layouts, geo-coordinates, maps and project status. The data was synced with the client’s SharePoint server and was made available in the field office in real time, for rapid retrieval and decision making.

Customer Success – 2

BTC provided a mobility solution to a leading childrens’ hospital that doubled their survey participation rate.

Our intuitive, interactive survey app design gave the hospital’s adolescent app users a cool and fun way to participate resulting in increased adoption. By using smartphone features like camera, videos and geolocation, the app users were able to personalize their survey responses and the survey administrators received accurate, intelligent information that gave them valuable insights on their focus group.

It’s the age of the mobile – let BTC give you a distinct competitive edge.

So you are convinced you want to go mobile. Great! But where do you start?

BTC’s rock-solid mobility team simplifies your mobile vision.

We will give shape to your mobile strategy and work with you to:

  • Identify key areas where mobility would help
  • Narrow down on the most suitable mobile solutions
  • Test feasibility of the proposed solution across platforms and devices
  • Build a roadmap for transforming your enterprise to a mobility-enabled one, in a step-by-step manner that doesn’t disturb your existing operations

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