Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 28th, 2013

Tech job hiring trends show that enterprises are increasing their focus on technology skills that make you a good candidate for cloud computing solution development and Big Data management. Fortunately, many cloud-based solutions are based on popular languages like Java, .NET, PHP, Perl, Python, etc., so enterprise application developers are covered there.

However, they must also update their understanding of cloud deployments and get on board Hadoop – the open source storage framework that’s becoming synonymous with Big Data.

Hadoop: Big Data generated by social media networks, search applications, and similar voluminous data creating applications is best managed on non-RDBMS storage frameworks like Hadoop. It enables easy and quick storage of unstructured data as well as efficient retrieval for low latency solutions. Hadoop is critical to Big Data analytics, a fast growing field.

Web service protocols: Knowledge of SOAP protocol and RESTful web services are a must for developers to create web solutions that communicate with each other through HTTP headers and XML messages.

Python, Perl and PHP: The three ‘Ps’ are popular languages in the web application development domain. Python enables cleaner code that can be used to deploy small and large applications. Perl offers strong text manipulation capabilities that work well for reading and processing text files. Perl Catalyst and Cloud Perl are important projects. PHP is the server-side scripting language that supports interoperability and includes classes (through Zend Framework) for easier integration with cloud-based storage services. It is running on 20 million websites including Wikipedia, Facebook, Drupal, etc.

Rails or Ruby on Rails: This is a popular web application framework because of its MVC architecture – Model, View, and Controller.

Java/J2EE: The demand for Java and J2EE expertise will continue to grow through 2013. CloudBees’ Java PaaS offering won the vote for best Java cloud offering at the 2012 InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards.

Microsoft .NET Framework: Microsoft’s Azure makes it easy for .NET and Java developers to port their applications to the cloud with access to the same tools and APIs they use on their desktops.

Prepare for future demand. Get cloud and Big Data savvy now.

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