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Laboratory test results play a critical role in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients. In US alone, over 7 billion tests are conducted every day in hospital and clinic laboratories. Despite the massive workloads, medical and diagnostic laboratories have been the most laggard in adopting latest technology. Existing IT systems are unable to meet the growing demand for anytime, anywhere access to patient data. Furthermore, labs are missing out on the performance, efficiency, and revenue gains that mobile apps bring to the table.Every specimen in a lab passes through at least 12 steps from collection to result delivery. Though safeguards are applicable at all stages, manual intervention creates time and risk errors that often lead to wrong treatments, fatalities, litigation, and reputational damage. Mobile apps can minimize error margins and optimize workflows to help labs produce accurate and timely results, save money, win patient trust, and qualify for incentives under the Meaningful Usage program.

Workflow optimization


Enterprise mobility improves the quality and delivery of laboratory workflows through bedside and point of work solutions. For labs, barcode technology has proved highly efficacious. Mobility solutions enable lab technicians to:

    • scan the barcode on patients’ wristband to collect personal details as well as the test to be performed before collecting specimen
    • scan their own barcode for identification and accountability
    • print barcodes on the spot for accurate labeling of specimen
    • access patient information collated from Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Health Information System (HIS)
    • send test results to associated physicians, specialists and patients instantly for faster diagnosis and treatment
    • match blood tags with patient information on the spot before blood transfusion
    • maintain an accurate audit trail for a specimen
Improved patient experience

Point of work laboratory solutions improve the quality of bedside care for patients, ensuring 100% patient safety, accurate treatment, reduced readmission, and patient satisfaction.

Leading labs are also launching mobile solutions to enhance patient experience. Patients are using their smartphones or tablets to:

    • search for nearest laboratories
    • receive turn-by-turn directions to a lab
    • make appointmentsreschedule appointments
    • cancel appointments
    • receive appointment confirmations and additional information (prerequisites for a test)
    • receive notifications of test results, current status, etc.
    • view test results
Savings and profitability

Automation and mobile accessibility enhances the productivity of lab workers as they can do more in less time. High accuracy of tests ensures less wastage of lab products. Real time information exchange enables quick recall of drugs and products from inventory as well as hospitals. As every product is bar coded, clinicians can easily detect recalled products, ensuring higher patient safety.

Barcode trace and tracking enables effective inventory management, ensuring labs are never short of life saving products. Lab store managers can reduce product wastage by ensuring products with lower shelf life move to the top of the distribution list.

In sum, mobility solutions help laboratories streamline operations, enhance productivity of workers, reduce wastage, ensure patient safety, improve patient care and boost profitability. Mobile is the way to go !

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