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In the wake of Facebook’s real-name policy enforcement, a whole new social network of the anti-Facebook kind has been making waves.

Billed as an invite-only, simple, beautiful and ad-free social network, Ello promises to free people from the shackles of being identified as a product and from being tracked and being mercilessly sold to by advertisers.


So far, so good! Ello claims to never sell data to advertisers nor enforce a real-name policy. Ello has experienced a sudden explosive growth, adding almost 30,000 new users per hour, according to reports.

The site has a standard social network feel with users being able to post statuses and profile pictures. Users can add friends, follow people and classify contacts as “Friends” or “Noise”. By labeling a contact as Friend, you can see their in expanded list mode, while Noise displays a compressed layout for quick scanning.

And what sets it apart from the no-ads, no data selling policy? An additional zero-tolerance policy for abusive behavior. And of course the Ello Smiley – that is simple, beautiful and easy to use. All the happiness with half the keystrokes..


It has a freemium model in mind for the future where it will charge users a “small amount of money” for certain premium features.

So, the key question is, will Ello unseat Facebook and its billion plus faithful following? Will companies follow suit?

The answer lies in whether Ello will be able to hang fast to its no-ad manifesto. And how many of its 31,000 an hour users will still remain active in the months to come? Will brands see enough of an ROI in page views and conversions? Will people move back to the familiar after the initial enchantment of a new network?

Maybe Jimmy Fallon can help. He laid out the Pros and Cons on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”. One of them is illustrated below.


And in the midst of all this, there is also a report that Facebook itself will be launching a standalone app in the coming weeks that will allow users to chat anonymously.

Did we need another social network in our increasingly busy lives and is Ello the one? Let’s discuss this on Facebook and Twitter!!

What are your thoughts on Ello? We would love to hear from you !

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