Posted by:Ranjani Rao November 11th, 2015

Mobile app development is on an exciting journey with each new day unveiling several possibilities and raising the bar on what can be achieved. Many apps boast of showcasing splendid breakthroughs in solving real-world problems.  Innovation is the mantra as people try to get done more via mobile devices.

So what helps drive innovation in this context? Many a times developers fail to achieve the maximum potential of an idea or an app because they get stuck in trying to achieve already-established functionality by going back to the drawing board. Their time gets invested in doing things which people have already tried out and established best practices for. If they would instead focus on utilizing the advice and help already available, their time and effort can be better utilized to drive innovation and come up with new path-breaking features.

So what are some of the things to look out for? Let’s see

  • Platform support: iOS and Android offer several helpful plugins, libraries and in-built delegates/methods to achieve now-standard functionality. In fact, they also have a whole host of provisions that can do much more to increase the volume of what can be called ‘now-standard’. Use them please!
  • Device features: If your phone has a pedometer and can calculate total step count for you, you should not be taking step count samples and summing it up yourself. If ResearchKit and Healthkit are helping you capture different kinds of data from various sources, don’t write code for users to manually enter the same into your app unless you have a really good reason to do so.
  • Business logic modules: Whether you want to process payments, sign up users or track app analytics, there’s someone who has taken the pains to build the full-fledged SDK for you that you can just plugin to the app. Ignore these only if you have a unique business scenario that cannot be addressed using them.
  • Build your own repo: In the course of tackling various challenges in different apps, you or your team members would have done a great job of writing some terrific code that works like a charm! Why let it go into oblivion? Use the evolved logic and findings of that experience, to help you out in similar challenges you may face in other apps.
  • Give back: Share your knowledge on technical forums and blogs so that the developer community can benefit at large, and constructive thought-exchange can lead to bigger strides in what we can collectively accomplish using technology. Someone somewhere will thank you for those lines you cared to type out and you never know when you will get a similar favor in return – sometime down the line when you trying hard to get something done against all odds!

So, in summary, to accelerate development and foster innovation, focus on accomplishing what is new and easily get past the problems that people have already found solutions to. Don’t reinvent the wheel, invent how you can apply its usage to get to the next level!

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