Posted by:Ranjani Rao May 26th, 2016
A lot of times, developers feel the need to encrypt on-device data or data in transit,  as either a basic or additional security. As per the current rules of the App Store, you would need to submit certain US or French government approval documents, if you are submitting an app that carries encryption. Here are some quick tips on the same.
  • Every app that uses encryption, needs to have a s et of 5-6 encryption-related questions answered in iTunes Connect when you submit the app for review. These questions range from what kind of encryption you have used to whether you qualify for any kind of exemption from having to produce approval documents. Answering these questions is a mandatory step
  • You do not need to submit approval documents if you are releasing the app only in the US and Canada. However, you do need to submit a letter (with an official letterhead) stating that you intend to release the app in US and Canada and will produce the approval documents in case you happen to release the app in other countries at a later point
  • If you wish to release the app in France, there is a separate French government approval document depending on the kind of encryption you have in the app
  • If your app has propriety encryption implemented, you would need to submit the US CCATS and French Import Declaration approval documents. If you are not releasing the app in France, the latter can be excluded
  • If your app uses or accesses only the encryption algorithms available in iOS or Mac OS , then the US Encryption Registration (ERN) will be needed.  In addition, if an industry-standard algorithm has been used, that is not yet implemented in iOS and if you are releasing the app in France as well, you would need the French Import Declaration approval
For more details on the topic, refer to Apple’s guidelines here. In case you are not sure which category your app falls under, the best way to get an answer is to directly write to Apple explaining the unique nature of your app, the kinds of encryption you have used and the countries you wish to release it in. The response will help you identify the items you need to get ready in time for the App Store submission. Here is how you can have  a solid enterprise app strategy.Download the eBook to know more!  

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