Posted by:Richard Smith July 10th, 2014

HealthKit was announced about a month ago and the SDK made available to developers. More reaction and analysis is coming too.

Industry analysts at Seeking Alpha call HealthKit and Apple’s entry into mobile medical applications a ‘game changer’. HealthKit is seen as platform to unify data from personal devices, mobile apps and medical records systems and allow sharing of health information to improve quality of care. They speculate that with iWatch and hiring of healthcare professionals, Apple is gearing up to be a dominant player in the medical device business and in healthcare.

Dr. James Kvedar, Director of Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health was a bit more skeptical in his review of HealthKit. In a recent blog entry, he says the technology has great promise but has doubts about Apple’s ability to deliver on personalization the way that companies like Netflix, Amazon and Google have. Kvedar sees that personalization is key to getting patients engaged in managing their health. Huge cost savings for the healthcare system are envisioned if more people manage their wellness and avoid diseases like Type-2 diabetes and heart disease and all of their costly complications.

I sense a bit of a gap here. Are healthcare providers waiting for Apple to do something while Apple is assuming that those with domain expertise – healthcare providers – are going to do something? If healthcare providers wait for Apple aren’t they missing an opportunity to differentiate themselves?

Just asking….

Providers have embraced mobile apps. But are their patients benefitting from it? Check out the Infographic below –

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