Posted by:Richard Smith June 3rd, 2014

Everybody is talking about them! While some are busy competing for our wrists, others are set to change the way we see the world! Not to mention the mushrooming tech enthusiasts ready to conquer us with everything ranging from hats to clothes to even nail polishes. Yes, we are talking wearable technology. Surprised?

Well, know this – 83% of more than 1,600 tech industry experts surveyed believe by 2025, sophisticated wearable technology will be the norm. We are definitely looking at a future where our clothes would reflect our moods or filter pollution and earrings function as geo-locators.

All of us are quite excited about the promise of wearable technology. Wonder what it looks like when you take a closer look at the bustle?

In healthcare, gadgets tracking personalized health information based on the eating, drinking and sleeping habits are no longer considered ‘wow’. Beyond these basic attributes, wearables would grow to contribute towards predictive care. Say for example, predicting the possibilities of heart attacks, headaches, fatigue etc.

Similarly every industry, space, retail, travel, education, manufacturing etc. will be shaken up in the parallel world created by the sensors and live streaming of wearables. Needless to mention, Big Data would get BIGGER!

Remember how smartphones invaded our lives? Wearable tech is making a slow infiltration into our lives. The most visible changes it brings about are:

  • our already connected world will have more components
  • touch-screens will no longer dominate man-to-machine interactions
  • data would mean touch, sound, vision or even electric pulses

The future looks exciting as many of these wearables are waiting to impact our lives and alter our mannerisms.

After thought: All set to be Agent 007 in the coming days… 🙂

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