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Container Managed Services

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Containerization and Infrastucture Migration Simplified

  • Organizations in today’s world look forward to transforming their business digitally but are constrained by the diverse portfolio of applications, cloud, and on-premises-based infrastructure. Transitioning VMs to containers brings greater flexibility but increases complexity if not managed properly.
  • Infrastructure Migration and Modernization Service helps our customers to build secure, repeatable, and scalable cloud environments on the cloud provider of their choice. Our solution delivers an end-to-end managed IT Portfolio Discovery for infrastructure and applications that provide detailed dependency mapping to facilitate migration sequencing in phases.
  • We help transform infrastructure and modernize the applications by containerizing workloads and performing platform-at-scale transformations providing a multi-cloud development solution.
  • Our services are pre-integrated and tested with various infrastructure, application, and cloud services, making your journey to the cloud more agile, efficient, secure, and predictable.

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    Container Managed Services
    Solution Benefits


    Software developers can continue using agile or DevOps tools and processes for rapid application development and enhancement.


    Drive higher server efficiencies and reduce server and licensing costs while speeding up deployment.


    Failure of one container will not affect the continued operation of any other containers.


    With Anthos and GKE, you can centrally manage all your containers spread across Multi-cloud and on-premise.

    Ease of

    Automate installation, scaling, and management of containerized workloads and services.

    Technical Account

    A dedicated Technical Account Manager who will be by your side throughout your journey to help you fully harness the power of Google Cloud. He will be assisting throughout your cloud journey.


    Prevent the invasion of malicious code from affecting other containers or the host system. Additionally, security permissions can be defined to automatically block unwanted components from entering containers or limit communications with unnecessary resources.

    Leverage the full potential of
    containerized applications.