Cloud Infrastructure Security Service

Cloud Infrastructure
Security Service

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Let’s secure your cloud infrastructure

  • Hybrid or Multi-cloud uses the portability of containers like Kubernetes at scale, helping you to modernize mission-critical applications and infrastructure faster with less effort, development time, and expense.
  • BTC’s integrated management platform helps simplify your multi-cloud architecture and provides full visibility, governance, and compliance across cloud environments. This helps optimize your process, reducing time spent and IT operations expenses.
  • Our Cloud Infrastructure Security Service provides hybrid, open, and managed cloud services across multiple security-rich cloud environments.

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    Cloud Infrastructure Security Solution Benefits

    Reduce Risk

    Integrates resiliency, security, and compliance services, to protect sensitive user information and prevent cyber attacks.

    Modernize Faster Securely

    Empowers teams to build cloud-native apps using microservices code generation and improve Security on DevOps processes.


    Our platform provides full visibility, governance, and compliance across cloud environments.

    Disaster recovery and Business Continuity

    Helps mitigate the impacts of a cyber disruption with rapid, simplified, and reliable recovery of your critical business processes and data across hybrid multi-cloud environments and restores normal business operations within minutes.

    Operations and Response Service

    Withstand advanced threats with security operations and response services.

    Secure your Cloud Infrastructure
    with BTC