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Posted by:Richard Smith April 16th, 2014
Apps have been making news in the field of medical devices for a few years now. What started off as simple apps to convert the abundance of literature into a compact, digital visual experience has morphed into so much more. Videos, Demos, Simulations, Prospect Education, Sales Analytics, Comparison Charts … the scenarios and potential uses are both overwhelming. … Continue reading “Will Your Medical Device Sales App Pass These 3 Tests?”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 11th, 2014
Wake up and smell the coffee. Starbucks made over $1 Billion from mobile transactions last year. Yes, billion with a ‘B’. From payments made in-store. At the register. On a mobile phone. According to data from BI Intelligence, 10 million customers use Starbucks’s mobile payment and loyalty app program in nearly 5 million transactions every week in the US. This exceptional … Continue reading “3 Lessons Every Retailer Has To Learn From Starbucks’s Mobile Success Story”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 12th, 2014
Whenever we want to go to a restaurant, movie, museum, vacation, in short pretty much any activity including a walk in a park, out comes my iPhone and a quick search on Trip Advisor or Yelp or Facebook (to see if any of my contacts have posted anything) is made to find the most ‘promising’ options! And more and more, … Continue reading “Social Media Ranking – Making or Breaking Businesses!”
Posted by:admin March 6th, 2014
Technology has always played an important role in driving business forward. The invention of the computer and Internet allowed us to reach new markets instantly and efficiently. The rise of wireless meant we were always connected to our clients and allowed us to expand our networks across the globe. The next game changer for business has arrived: mobile technology. For … Continue reading “Is There an App for That? Mobile Technology and the Future of Medical Sales”
Posted by:Richard Smith February 28th, 2014
If you’re a player in the hugely competitive medical devices market, you know how tough it is to sell your devices. Clinical laboratories and hospitals need much more convincing to invest in new medical devices. The same old, tried and tested sales methods are not helping you anymore. So what gives? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to … Continue reading “Using Mobile Demos And Simulators To Sell Medical Devices”
Posted by:Richard Smith February 6th, 2014
…And how mobile apps can help ask the right ones Medical Device sales – Comprehensive, Competitive, Complicated. And when dealing with physicians where time is forever at a premium, the questions asked make all the difference. So, here goes 1) What are some of the challenges that you face in your daily practice? Why you should not ask – With face … Continue reading “5 Questions Medical Device Sales Reps Should Not Ask Surgeons”
Posted by:Richard Smith January 29th, 2014
Talk of a field that that has high sales rep-client face time, that has high product complexity, is super competitive and that operates in a high regulation environment – and chances areMedical Device tops the list. Add to it, the fact that their customers are busy surgeons, nurses, hospital administrators and department heads. What you get is a situation that … Continue reading “3 Benefits Every Medical Device Sales App Must Deliver”
Posted by:Suparna Rao November 21st, 2013
Mobile apps will be a game changer for your company. We have seen it unfolding in front of our eyes – Business Mobile Apps are fast becoming a key strategy for companies looking to get more done with less. Companies of all sizes are using mobile apps now to stay competitive AND profitable AND likable. But, a million … Continue reading “Mobile Apps – A Gamechanger for Enterprises”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal November 19th, 2013
Every day, I see delivery guys from Fedex, UPS, DHL, Staples, W.B. Mason and a host of other companies walk in and out of my office building. All these honest, hard-working folks – driving around, receiving, delivering shipments, filing reports, making sure they do their role to perfection. If they are asked to observe what is going on their routes … Continue reading “How to convert your Field Staff into Strategic Warriors?”
Posted by:Richard Smith July 1st, 2013
Professionals such as sales and marketing personnel who have to be on the street for a good part of their day are frustrated by functional or administrative tasks that require access to a computer. Travelling modes are not always conducive to working on the go with a laptop sized device so a lot of time that could be spent productively … Continue reading “Enhance Sales & Marketing Productivity with Mobile Solutions”

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