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Posted by:Nithin Rao October 4th, 2016
IBM Watson In Healthcare: What You Should Know? In the previous blog we looked at the potential of IBM Watson in healthcare. In this blog we will look in detail of how it is of use in various sections of healthcare. Evidence Based Diagnosis The biggest and much needed area of healthcare is that of the evidence based diagnosis. Today, … Continue reading “IBM Watson In Healthcare: What You Should Know?”
Posted by:admin April 27th, 2016
Enterprise mobility was a buzzword a couple of years ago but is passé in today’s enterprise world.Enterprise mobile apps have run the gamut from one off apps to test the waters to scalable, flexible app portfolios that are meet variety of enterprise needs. However one thing that has not changed is the principles that determine enterprise app success … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility – Mature At Last?”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 19th, 2016
Enterprise Mobility landscape has come a long way and is continually evolving. With businesses of all sizes endorsing mobile workforces and mobile business channels, mobile apps are steadily replacing corporate legacy systems. The need for EMM suites is quintessential for overcoming challenges such as growing mobile workforces and greater use of mobile devices. As there is no control over end-user … Continue reading “Is Enterprise Mobility Management Crucial?”
Posted by:Richard Smith July 10th, 2015
Enterprises have been slower to embrace mobile applications than consumers for a number of reasons including concerns over security, lack of people with the right skills and more. More often than not, when companies begin to explore the benefits of mobile applications, they start with sales and marketing. Frequently that will mean a catalog app of some kind … Continue reading “B2B Catalog Sales Apps: Build or Buy?”
Posted by:Jayas Damodaran June 10th, 2015
Steve is the GM Sales for North Eastern US at a leading software company. He has just got off the phone with his VP Sales – his face still red with embarrassment. Steve had thought he had the forecast under control – the deals in the CRM added well, the sales team was upbeat – and as per the latest … Continue reading “A Sales Manager’s Forecasting Nightmare – 5 Challenges faced by Sales Leaders”
Posted by:Nithin Rao July 16th, 2014
One superior, seamless customer experience to rule them all! With strides in mobility and capable supply chain management, it has become possible for retailers to provide a continuous and unbroken shopping experience to customers, regardless of the channels they use on the way. Mobile devices, tablets, laptops, computers, brick-and-mortar stores, direct mail…whatever the medium is or the number of back … Continue reading “Omni-Channel Retailing: What Mobility Brings To The Table”
Posted by:Jayas Damodaran July 15th, 2014
In today’s fast paced competitive business environment, implementing mobility in your business is no longer a “nice to have option” – but an absolute necessity.  And if you are a mid market company aspiring to grow into the big league, Enterprise Mobility is surely a key driver for growth that you cannot afford to ignore. Let us take … Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why Mid Market Companies Should Get “Mobile” Now!!”
Posted by:Nithin Rao June 19th, 2014
What was primarily a consumer technology just got a ticket in the enterprise fast lane. Enter Salesforce Wear, a developer pack that enables developers to start developing apps for wearables. An app development platform that not only contains open source code, but also comes packed with sample apps for six wearable devices – Google Glass, Android Wear, Samsung Gear 2, Myo, Nymi and Pebble Watch. Though wearables … Continue reading “ Just Fast-Tracked the Growth of Wearables”
Posted by:Richard Smith June 17th, 2014
Surprised? Well, the minute we start talking about mobility in sales, catalog app is what comes to our mind. If we give it a couple more seconds, presentations, route maps etc. will queue up in the list. And eventually the thoughts on how mobile apps improve customer interaction and upselling opportunities would hog our minds. Is that all? What is … Continue reading “Thinking Beyond Mobile Catalogs”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 22nd, 2014
For retailers, the advantages of going mobile are many. But, the considerations they need to take into account while framing their mobile strategy are equally high. That leaves them always at crossroads when it comes to deciding between native apps and responsive websites. What factors should they need keep in mind? What are the advantages that responsive websites and native … Continue reading “Retailers, Torn Between Native Apps And Responsive Websites? [Infographic Inside]”

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