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Posted by:Ranjani Rao August 5th, 2016
There is a beauty to a job well done – and a satisfaction in getting it right. And especially when we talk of complex projects that call for a good use of logic, design and analysis; it’s amazing how proper efforts in all stages of the project can lead to a well-orchestrated end result and a product the team can … Continue reading “The 3-Legged Stool and A Complex Project: An Analogy”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 24th, 2016
IoT devices are going to be generating huge amounts of data that will drive research and analysis, provide insights, identify patterns and predict outcomes. But the most common and perhaps the most human centered IoT experience will be around the area of health. From sensors that detect falls in patients to pill boxes that signal when refills are needed, the … Continue reading “IoT And Mobile Apps”
Posted by:admin April 27th, 2016
Enterprise mobility was a buzzword a couple of years ago but is passé in today’s enterprise world.Enterprise mobile apps have run the gamut from one off apps to test the waters to scalable, flexible app portfolios that are meet variety of enterprise needs. However one thing that has not changed is the principles that determine enterprise app success … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility – Mature At Last?”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 19th, 2016
Enterprise Mobility landscape has come a long way and is continually evolving. With businesses of all sizes endorsing mobile workforces and mobile business channels, mobile apps are steadily replacing corporate legacy systems. The need for EMM suites is quintessential for overcoming challenges such as growing mobile workforces and greater use of mobile devices. As there is no control over end-user … Continue reading “Is Enterprise Mobility Management Crucial?”
Posted by:Nithin Rao February 19th, 2016
Mobile Health (mHealth) Technologies today are of strategic importance to healthcare providers.Worldwide adoption of smartphones has triggered a novel way of patient engagement. Here are a few interesting statistics about mobile health and its adoption 1)    According to World Bank,  83% of the member countries have atleast one mHealth initiative. (This can be simple SMS, IVR, or Apps ) 2)Interestingly, … Continue reading “11 Interesting Statistics About mHealth Adoption”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao February 10th, 2016
After long, sometimes acrimonious, sometimes harmonious, mobile app design, development and testing cycles, the app is available to users.While everyone breathes a sigh of relief on a job well done, the battle to make the mobile app successful has just begun. The most crucial piece of a successful mobile app is your user’s voice. Are they … Continue reading “Mobile App Success – Ask The User”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao January 22nd, 2016
In this age of rapid software application development and especially with the shorter cycles taken to build mobile apps, the agreed-upon scope of work can often become a contentious issue and unless one is careful in terms of scope definition, quite a bit of unforeseen work and money can be at stake.This is unwanted tidings for both the vendor and … Continue reading “The Scope Tightrope”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao January 15th, 2016
The mobile apps that are developed by an enterprise may have certain unique features but there are a percentage of features that are common to all apps. Defining and fine-tuning the behavior, appearance, development, and performance of these common features may take rigor and multiple iterations but will yield ROI in the effort saved when using these features … Continue reading “5 Ways to Reuse Assets and Reduce Cost When Building Enterprise Mobile Apps”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao November 24th, 2015
Consumer facing mobile apps can be cutting edge, even edgy, bright, new, interesting and break new boundaries in user experience. Enterprise mobile apps on the other hand have fewer options in terms of what they can experiment with. Just by virtue of their function, which is not usually glamorous, these apps need to look ‘professional’ and adhere to … Continue reading “3 Ways to improve Enterprise Mobile Apps User Experience”
Posted by:Richard Smith November 13th, 2015
Mobile apps are no longer a choice, but a necessity. Ever since they transformed from singled out locally installed apps on a phone to powerful tools that can establish stable connections with different systems, businesses have embraced them for improving productivity, enhancing collaboration, enabling location based content delivery, customer service and more. How do these seemingly small applications … Continue reading “Few Quick Thoughts on Mobile App Integration”

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