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Posted by:Nithin Rao September 28th, 2016
As the healthcare world grapples with humongous amounts of data generated, consider this Watson can read 40 million documents in 15 seconds. 80% of health data is invisible to current systems because it’s unstructured. Watson Health can see it. A quick look at IBM Watson’s capabilities highlight the potential it has in healthcare. From wellness to improving healthcare outcomes, from … Continue reading “IBM Watson – Healthcare’s Powerful Ally”
Posted by:Shyam Deval July 20th, 2016
You read that right – it’s not Sherlock saying it this time! IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities and superhuman intelligence stands it in good stead to switch roles with the legendary fictitious detective Sherlock Holmes who could crack the most mind-boggling of mysteries, find answers to the unanswered questions everyone had and draw insights from information in a way no … Continue reading “It’s Elementary, Says (IBM) Watson!”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett June 28th, 2016
349 million phones were sold in Q1 2016, says Gartner Group. Camera phones are the predominate device used for capturing special events. The upcoming 4th of July celebration is a bit different than the standard photo events like birthday parties, family events, and reunions. The key reason, Fireworks!! 5 Tips for camera phone pictures There are actually many more tips … Continue reading “Best Fireworks Photos Ever! …5 Tips On Phone Settings”
Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 4th, 2016
Here’s launching a new series called the Did-You-Know series.Each blog in the series would give a quick set of interesting facts you could ruminate on and use when needed in your apps! Today’s post speaks about apps and promotional offers.  You may want to give the app free to a certain select audience for review or grant discounts as a … Continue reading “The Did-You-Know Series: Apps and Promotional Offers”
Posted by:Nithin Rao February 24th, 2016
Apps are all the rage today. Enterprises are building them faster than consumers can download them. But, developing a cool, user friendly app with awesome interfaces and graphics is just the tip of the iceberg. The app’s journey at this stage has merely begun. What app developers need at this stage is information on app downloads, app usage, … Continue reading “11 Insights That You Can Gain From Mobile App Analytics”
Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 23rd, 2011
Open Source technology has always been a great source for developers trying to understand the inner workings of platforms. Its a great resource for going beyond the “getting started” phase on a new development platform. Mobile appsare no different. Here are some cool apps that can point you in the right direction.   Games Stockfish Chess: has a … Continue reading “Open Source Apps”

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