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Posted by:Leesa John May 27th, 2013
With the Meaningful Usage (MU) program creating incentives for independent practitioners and hospitals to engage patients, patient portals accessible on web and mobile platforms are growing popular. However, launching a portal does not help in itself. You need patients accessing it to view, download or transmit their electronic records (at least 5% to qualify under MU). Small organizations and independent … Continue reading “Quality Healthcare is a Click Away – Patient Portals”
Posted by:Monica Samuel May 25th, 2013
Long patient waits, bed shortages, and resource wastage are common problems across hospitals. With healthcare reform aiming to expand healthcare outreach, hospitals need to increase capacity to prepare for the expected surge in patients once healthcare becomes affordable and accessible to America’s uninsured and the aging community. Enterprise mobility Solutions can help organizations achieve this target with efficient hospital … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility Enables Hospital Capacity Management for Savings & Utilization”
Posted by:Monica Samuel May 21st, 2013
Point of care mobility solutions help doctors and nurses deliver quality healthcare at a patient’s bedside, during doctor-patient encounters, at remote locations, and in emergency situations. With point of care solutions at hand, care givers can access clinical information and hospital systems on need basis for accurate and timely treatment of patients at all times. According to a Manhattan Research … Continue reading “Point of Care Mobility Solutions for Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare”
Posted by:Leesa John May 16th, 2013
Laboratory test results play a critical role in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients. In US alone, over 7 billion tests are conducted every day in hospital and clinic laboratories. Despite the massive workloads, medical and diagnostic laboratories have been the most laggard in adopting latest technology. Existing IT systems are unable to meet the growing demand for anytime, … Continue reading “Enhance Patient Safety, Increase Lab Profitability with Enterprise Mobility”
Posted by:Monica Samuel May 15th, 2013
mHealth  apps and medical devices have become hugely popular. The number of people who downloaded health related mobile apps in 2012 touched 247 million, a 200% jump from 2011. That’s great news for healthcare software solution vendors. However, with the change in the regulatory landscape, app developers must also understand FDA Draft Guidance governing the design, development and … Continue reading “FDA Draft Guidelines for Healthcare Software Solutions”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 30th, 2013
The healthcare industry is abuzz with strategies and plans to manage initiatives under the new Obamacare guidelines. Enterprise mobile solutions can help healthcare providers manage the transformation and create new opportunities. With the focus moving away from the ‘pay-for-service’ to ‘pay-for-performance’ model, practitioners should leverage technology to enhance hospital processes, support better patient care, reduce readmission, and improve … Continue reading “Healthcare CIOs: Manage Electronic Health Records (EHR) with Mobile Solutions”
Posted by:Monica Samuel March 31st, 2013
The May 2014 deadline is coming closer and medical providers in USA are looking at ways to improve patient engagement systems to comply with the federal regulations under the ONC Meaningful Use Phase 2 (MU2). However, the primary challenge appears to be physicians’ resistance to an economic model that reduces their income as well as the outdated technological expertise of … Continue reading “Mobile Applications in Healthcare Need Physician & Hospital Support”
Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 12th, 2013
Mobile technology is catching on big time in the healthcare sector. iPad and Android tablets are helping clinicians work better, save time, and engage with patients. Hospitals are equipping clinicians with tablets for faster record processing, data access, and streamlined management. Mobile devices are also serving as bedside devices for patient care, entertainment, and value-added services. … Continue reading “Mobile Applications & Devices Add Value to Healthcare Practitioners”
Posted by:Monica Samuel September 4th, 2012
The healthcare industry in USA is in a state of flux – coping with the changes in HIPAA, implementation of electronic health record (EHR) software, and various other technological advancements. CIOs have their work cut out, devising an IT strategy that ensures compliance, cost reduction, and security while ramping up healthcare systems before looming deadlines. Reforming the healthcare … Continue reading “Challenges in Revamping Healthcare Systems”
Posted by:Monica Samuel June 21st, 2010
Much attention these days is being given to the high cost of heath care in the USA . Government, private insurers, hospitals, providers, and consumers are all brainstorming strategies and tactics to reign in these costs so that: More people can take advantage of the excellent healthcare services that this country offers, Companies of all sizes will be more competitive … Continue reading “Facilitating USA Health Care Reform – IT Initiatives”

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