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Posted by:Nithin Rao March 10th, 2016
Every year Apple Inc. makes news with their new products and software releases and 2016 is yet another year of innovation and sustainability in terms of Enterprise Mobility. The developer fraternity and Apple enthusiasts will have a whole new world to explore with the release of iOS10. So here are some of the iOS 10 expected features: Rootless Security … Continue reading “Introducing iOS 10 and The Expected Features”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett March 8th, 2016
The advances in IoT-m, Internet of Things for medical, are both exhilarating and ominous. Earlier this week, Duke University published results for taking the brainwaves from a monkey to control a robotic chair! Yes, it’s a bit creepy to think about brainwaves controlling a device, but once you get past the shock-and-awe of the situation, the opportunity for medical advancements … Continue reading “Monkey Mind Controls A Wheelchair, An Internet of Things solution”
Posted by:Nithin Rao February 4th, 2016
The healthcare industry today is witnessing an ideology shift, with more emphasis on patient-centered care. Government mandates and regulations, along with rising patient expectations have led to physicians increasing focus on patient engagement and satisfaction. A growing amount of data too validates that when a patient’s role shifts from a passive recipient to a more active participant in his own care, the results are … Continue reading “Physicians, Here Are 5 Reasons To Say ‘Yes’ To Mobile Apps”
Posted by:Shyam Deval January 29th, 2016
A couple weeks ago I wrote about how most of the mHealth apps are not meeting usability and functionality expectations of users – thus resulting a severe underuse of these apps.  With the increasingly ‘app-centric’ lives of patients, this gap is now starting to influence how they feel about overall service satisfaction with the providers – with some … Continue reading “mHealth And Meaningful Patient Engagement -Part 2”
Posted by:Shyam Deval January 8th, 2016
Apple ResearchKit is making a lot of news these days in clinical and medical research with the glamorous launch of multiple of research apps. Using mobile phones as a research tool seems to be a game changer.More than 15 apps have been launched in less than an year. Apple ResearchKit has some inevitable limitations. As of … Continue reading “ResearchStack: The ResearchKit for Android”
Posted by:Shyam Deval December 29th, 2015
After its release in mid-2015 Apple ResearchKit has generated quite a stir in the research world. Other than the initial apps that we saw earlier, there are quite a few new ResearchKit apps that are very innovative and have utilized the features of the smartphone and wearable technology. Here is a list of a few apps that include … Continue reading “New & Innovative ResearchKit Apps”

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