Glucose Advisors’ Engine 1 – Support Type 1 Diabetics via their mobile device.



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The Engine 1 mobile and web app is designed to give handy guidance, tips, and information about activity for Type 1 diabetics. Engine1 helps Type 1 diabetics make activity-related decisions in real-time with ease. It provides guidance as to the best times to start exercise, the quantity of food to eat during an activity, and the proper intensity of exercise in order to maintain optimal blood glucose levels. The availability of this information allows an individual to begin an activity prepared with the re-fueling food that may be needed.

How come


What BTC had to accomplish:  build native iOS and Android apps which would leverage the best and latest in mobile technology. Additionally, a supporting web app was needed to provide users with further insights, as well as web services to deliver data to mobile apps. Apart from complex calculations and data-handling logic, the apps needed hardware/device integrations (HRM, CGM), HealthKit integration for iOS, a live sharing mechanism for activity sessions, custom map implementations, and more. Not to mention, development of a one-of-a-kind, novel UI which sets a  new bar for what can be done with apps through today’s mobile platforms.

How come


What BTC did:
Native features of the iOS and Android platforms were used to translate the vision of the design team into the best possible output. Handpicked third party libraries were chosen and customized to accomplish complex interfaces. A robust food database was integrated and leveraged with bar code scanning ability to help users find and log foods easily. Intense calculations and logic present a design that covers the real-time aspects of the app and usage scenarios. Also, the web app was built to support mobile app users. The web app supports the two roles of Engine 1 users and caretakers appointed by the users from within the app. Caretakers have access to the Engine1 web app records of Type1 diabetics under their care and can provide advice or support based on their observations therein.
Important points:

  • Engine1 solves several pressing issues that Type 1 diabetics face.
  • Engine1 eliminates the guesswork of when and how long to exercise and what to eat, etc
  • It allows Type 1s to lead a regulated, active lifestyle without the fear of going low or high on blood glucose.
  • It allows caretakers to better monitor them and be better informed about their real-time condition.
  • Engine1 is a a step towards enabling Type 1 diabetics to lead active lifestyles.
  • The app is continuously evolving based on enhancement ideas and real user feedback.


What BTC built:

  • Real-time data capture and decision support.
  • Integration with HealthKit, fitness devices, and HRMs.
  • Integration with third party food database and barcode scanner to easily log foods.
  • Complex charting and reporting features.
  • Advanced user controls and interactive and visual-rich interface.
  • Engine1 Pro and Engine1 Basic versions of the app with a Free Trial period.
  • Multi-tier in-app purchases.
  • Remote “live-share” of activity.
  • Complex calculations and algorithms for insulin and food tracking.
  • Advanced use of geo-location and custom map implementations.
  • Advanced timer functionality.
  • Advanced settings that the user can tweak to fine tune the app’s behavior to suit their unique physiology.
  • A prediction tool (Engine1 GlucoNavigator) to predict blood glucose level for up to six hours in the future.
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Push and local notifications..
  • Caretaker role and functionality
  • A web app with advanced charting and a rich activity feed that helps analyze patterns by means of captured and aggregated data.
How come

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