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Wrapped: Photo-sharing App

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The Objective

Shamrock Corporation contacted BTC, to build an application that would provide a fun way for people to share gifts with family and friends by allowing the recipient to experience the real life satisfaction, surprise, and anticipation of tearing open a perfectly wrapped gift – on their phone!


How we made it happen

Take a picture, choose a wrap, and share!

BTC went ahead and developed an application that would be downloaded and  stored locally on the device, it would integrate with the device’s camera and  gallery, would allow users to pick from a bunch of wraps available and email or  SMS the wrapped pictures to the recipients. It would also have a section (catalog  management section) where all the received gifts would be logged.

This application was developed for both Ipad and iphones and is perfect for sending  across wrapped images on birthdays, holidays, and graduations or just to let someone  know you are thinking about them.


The Wrapped Application  at work


Next Steps…

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