Location based SPF calculator app for iPhone and Android

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UV Protection App

  • iPhone
  • Android


A mobile app that needed to provide the following information:

  • UV Index at a specific or current location
  • UV Index forecast for the upcoming week
  • SPF calculator for various skin types

Our day in the Sun

The mobile app was designed to be user friendly and intuitive and the colors were reflective of a bright sunny day. It was simple and uncluttered and provided the user all the information they needed with just one tap.

Our team of mobile app developers went to work – to get the real time UV index from an external database for the user’s current or desired location.

The app provided an interface to enter data that would go to determine the skin type and would calculate the SPF protection required for the user.

Technology Features

  • Web services integration with UV index data provider
  • Location based services
  • Zip code location search
  • Skin type determination algorithm
  • SPF recommendation based on WHO guidelines

Next Steps…

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