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Student Experience Management Portal
A unique student planner portal, assisting students
in their academic venture


The web application built by BTC provides an easy way to for a student to manage their study abroad. This student portal will provide the students a snapshot of the events/activities in line for them in the upcoming day/week as desired via calendar along with social networking abilities. Summarizing the main objectives of this web application as below:

1 Student planner

Provides the student a view of their study program. Consists of the following sections:


2Admin console

This is mainly used by the Student Experience Management Portal employees to perform admin related functions such as managing users and managing course information.

Technology Used :  Java ,  Spring framework ,  Tomcat ,   SQL server

Application components
Managing student’s study programs like never before!

This student portal greatly eases out the pains involved in managing the various courses that a student may enroll in during his/her academic tenure abroad. This application serves to store a student’s academic information, as also  img provide valuable suggestions pertaining to new programs,  keeping the students up to date with the latest developments  in their relevant field of interest. This application will also  enable the Student Experience Management Portal student  community to keep connected with one another and thereby  gain easy access to valuable experiences and information from  varied sources. 

Student Experience Management Portal’s web application is  a significant step towards realizing Electronic Study Programs  record (ESP) similar to Electronic medical records (EHRs),  which will help students manage efficiently their academic  experience abroad, and with its flavor of social networking, can  be stated as a one size fit all solution in today’s fast  paced competitive world.


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