Mobile app integrated to SharePoint solution

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Sigma Field Force Collaboration App
A mobile app that supports construction company personnel perform tasks such as site surveys, material estimates, component validation, quality checks – on the field

What we had to accomplish

What we Built

BTC implemented a SharePoint solution that leveraged the platform to build custom lists, web parts and reports to create and manage the construction project. Multiple levels of hierarchy were created to be able to drill down from a high level to every nut and bolt required for the project. Project estimates were visually displayed on custom built dashboards.

Roles and privileges were administered to support different types of employees such as field force personnel, project managers, and department heads, to name a few.

ReST based web services were built to provide the SharePoint data to the mobile app.

The mobile app integrated with SharePoint to allow app users to gather site data using their device camera and geo-location services and push it to SharePoint. Various views were designed and built to allow the user to drill down the project hierarchy taking into account the amount of data that had to be displayed on a small screen.

Offline functionality along with syncing on network connectivity availability was a key feature of the mobile app since it allowed the field personnel to perform their tasks even in areas with no network connectivity. All the data was then synced with SharePoint when connectivity was detected.

A mobile app – SharePoint handshake structure was developed to allow users to navigate to SharePoint web views from within their native app without having to enter their authentication credentials more than once.

Technology – SharePoint, C#, SQL Server, ReST Web Services, jQuery, ObjectiveC

Rock Solid Value Delivered

  • Extended SharePoint for the mobile platform
  • Efficient and easy project overview on-site
  • Real time collaboration to and from the project site
  • Live site data available at the tap of a button
  • Value added features to manage and monitor estimates, materials usage, work orders etc.
  • Significant ROI directly related to higher productivity and rapid decision making

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