Hybrid mobile app built on PhoneGap for car seat installation

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Prodigy Easy Install App

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
The Summer Prodigy Easy Install App guides the users of the Summer Prodigy Infant Car Seat through a quick and accurate 3 step install checklist: click, level and tighten.

What we had to accomplish

Summer Infants USA was looking to build a mobile app that would cater to both iPhone and Android smartphone users. The instructional app was designed to help users accurately install their Prodigy Infant Car Seat Base.

How we made it happen

Summer Infants USA wanted an informative, user friendly and easy to understand app that worked as a visual aid in guiding the user through a quick and accurate 3 step installation: click, level and tighten.

We were chosen to develop a hybrid mobile app that supported both iOS and Android platforms. Based on our experience in designing and developing hybrid apps, we proposed to build this app using PhoneGap framework. This was a tailor-made solution that suited both their budget and timelines. The app was built with seamless navigations for a superior user experience and easy access to the installation steps. 

Next Steps…

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