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Mind Jar Meditation App

  • iPhone
  • iPad

What we had to accomplish

Wisdom publications took a novel approach to timing a brief meditation period, a new kind of meditation timer. Wisdom publications wanted digitalize the experience to be a fun and unique way for anyone to get started with meditation


How we made it happen  

Wisdom publication wanted to digitize their book “The moody Cow Mind Jar” and bring it  on a custom mobile software experience.


BTC was consulted to be the technological wing of the WP’s roadmaps, and BTC with our experience in mobile app development proposed to build an iPhone and iPad application. This meditation tool is perfect for all ages. The Mind Jar helps you or your children self-settle and self-soothe by mindfully recognizing and letting go of upsetting thoughts and feelings.


What we built

Key takeaways


Next Steps…

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