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Legacy eCommerce Migration

  • Java/J2EE
  • Oracle
  • GWT
  • Web Services
  • AJAX

The Strategy

The client, a global provider of business-based services including uniforms, work and safety gear, came to BTC with a legacy Delphi eCommerce platform which was over 10 years old and getting hard to maintain. Content changes to the website were arduous, involving change requests, code changes and the overhead of deploying a new build.

To help technology keep with the pace of a  modern business, here is what we planned:


The Game Plan

We combined our experience of working on legacy systems with our expertise on contemporary platforms and provided the client  a proven modernization solution.

Our first task  was to form a team with eCommerce domain knowledge and deep J2EE experience understand not just the requirements but the ultimate long term vision of their strategy.

The next phase was the technical design and we chose to implement the solution using the Struts J2EE framework. Java-based Web services were built to integrate with the ERP backend for inventory look-up, pricing information and order management and fulfillment.

One of the biggest value add we provided was the building of a product customization interface which allowed the user to see a realistic preview of their customization before placing the order.

The admin tool was built using Google’s GWT  and gave us the ability to build a tool that was capable of handling high volumes and levels of interdependent data.

Customer reports were built and Google analytics was incorporated into the site to measure usage and conversions


What we built


The Scoreboard

Goal accomplished – A nimble, user friendly, highly functional and flexible eCommerce platform that exceeded the client’s expectations.


Next Steps…

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