Cross platform mobile app on PhoneGap and HTML5 for IIRM

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IIRM Medical Guidelines

  • HTML5
  • PhoneGap

What we had to Accomplish

The International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM) is an international collective of medical professionals with the goal of furthering research, education and best practices in marathons and other endurance road races throughout the world.

IIRM wanted to develop a handy first-aid protocol app that would be a convenient aide to physicians and medical staff to help all runners, cyclists and endurance athletes with proper medical care during marathons and races.

How we made it happen

With most races and marathons, come enormous participation rates and the risk of race related medical challenges and runner first aid needs. This app has been designed precisely to provide medical staff at events with accurate medical information, guidelines and protocols. Thus, ensuring injured or sick runners are attended to as efficiently and competently as possible.

The app runs through various medical scenarios, that IIRM’s team of experienced medical professionals have researched into. Against each scenario is a list of protocols to be followed by the healthcare professionals. BTC chose to develop the app on PhoneGap, an open source framework as it had to work on both iOS and Android devices. The user-friendly interface and user experience helped view the medical protocols according to algorithms.

What we built

  • Compelling user experience with easy and intuitive navigation

  • Algorithm-based medical protocol visualization

  • Multiple mobile OS support

  • Built for exclusive offline capability

Key takeaways

  • Simple, elegant, intuitive design that addressed the needs of the user immediately.

  • Provided a custom personal first aid guide solution to runners, cyclists and all endurance athletes right in the palm of their hands

  • Aided volunteers and medical staff by enabling faster response rates and treatment of sick and injured runners 

Next Steps…

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