A Java based web portal for patients to activate and register genetic tests

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Health & Wellness Test Registration & Reporting

  • Java/J2EE
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Jasper Reports
  • jReports

The web application provides patients in this case a web based portal to activate and register genetic tests purchased from bodykey and their partners as well as retrieve and view all tests from the portal. Summarizing the main objectives of this custom web application as below:


Application components

The application comprises of the following components:

Registration module:

Report viewing module:

Technology Used:

Java/J2EE platform 1.6, Tomcat 6.0, Eclipse, Development Environment, Sql Server, Spring 3.1 Framework, Web Services, Jasper Reporting Engine


Realizing personalized  healthcare

The application serves as an online storage of one’s health information.  This application can potentially ease out the sharing of test results to the physicians, a critical piece in today’s fast paced patient-provider encounters, and also command more control on the patient’s own healthcare treatment processes.

This application gives anytime access to patient data, fully processed and exchangeable with the physician, a whole new dimension of “Know oneself”.


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