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Salem Press is a publisher of reference works on literature, history and biography, the social sciences, and science. Salem Press publishes comprehensive, multivolume sets under its Salem Press imprint, and smaller, condensed titles under its Magill’s Choice imprint. Products include traditional print products, e-books, and online databases designed for use at public, school, and college and university libraries.

What we had to accomplish

The objective of the project was to provide an easy and convenient way for searching the content of the Salem Press titles by students of schools that have purchased the titles.

How we made it happen

Salem Press wanted to upgrade their online publishing platform. The existing one was 6 years old with a relatively older look and feel and had no codebase searching capability. BTC proposed building a new platform with the below capabilities .

  • Ability to search content across all the titles owned by a school from a single platform. This would effectively eliminate the need for students to login to four different URLs and enable easy cross- referencing of the content.

  • Built a smart, efficient and pleasing UI that enabled an inviting user experience.

  • Create a platform that allowed seamless addition of titles from newer title classifications

  • Provide more tight controls over access to the titles owned by schools as the current access points added by schools were very open and could lead to a lot of abuse

  • Provide a better and faster search experience. Clearer directions on searching and how students could have their own on-site research folder

What we built

  • Unlimited users at the library

  • Remote access from home or dorm room

  • Immediate access via online registration

  • A simple, intuitive interface

  • User profile areas for students and patrons

  • Sophisticated search functions

  • Complete content, including appendixes

  • Completely illustrated

Key takeaways

  • Fast new website for instant ordering and instant activation.

  • Increase in sales

  • An energetic feel to the imprint.

  • Salesforce more likely to be involved in demos.

  • Cross database searching.

  • Better presentation of the platform for all librarian trials

  • Better and faster searching with clearer directions on searching 

  • A better experience for both the administrator and the researcher.

Next Steps…

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