Engine1-Glucose Advisors Case Study Page


Engine1 is meant to empower Type 1 diabetics to lead an active lifestyle. It is the first ever real-time activity decision support system for Type 1s and is almost like having a personal diabetes coach!

The App

The Engine1 mobile and web apps are designed to give handy guidance, tips and info surrounding activity. Engine1 helps Type 1 diabetics make activity-related decisions in real-time with ease. It guides them on good times to start exercise, quantity of food to be eaten during an activity session and the right intensity of exercise to maintain optimal blood glucose levels. It also allows one go into an activity in a prepared way carrying along the re-fueling food that may be needed!

What we had to accomplish

Native iOS and Android apps had to be built that would leverage the best and latest in mobile technology. A supporting web app was needed to provide users with additional insights. We also had to build web services to deliver data to the mobile apps. Apart from complex calculations and data-handling logic, the apps needed us to accomplish hardware/device integrations (HRM, CGM), HealthKit integration for iOS, a live-sharing mechanism for activity sessions, custom map implementations and more. Not to mention, a one-of-its-kind novel user interface setting new highs for what can be done with apps (and not just the gaming kind), with today’s mobile platforms!

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