A custom PHP solution to scan online purchase option

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Optical Scan Devices Purchase & Tracking

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • BizTalk
  • Web Services

The Strategy

The client’s Portable Optical Analysis Business Unit, manufactures portable optical analyzers designed for rapid and precise chemical identification, authentication and screening directly at the point of need.

The main objective was to provide an online scan purchase option that would do away with the more cumbersome manual scan purchase where the device had to be actually brought into the nearest facility to purchase and set the scan entitlement. The client also needed a syncing mechanism to allows scans that were purchased offline to reflect online when the user registered their device and purchased scans.

The Solution

To help the client get the required analytics along with seamless online user experience for its customers, here is what we proposed


What we built

A truly tailor made solution that was flexible and fast and met the client’s business and technology expectations.

By providing a new and easy platform to its users, the client also paved the way for wider adoption of their devices and gained higher customer satisfaction.


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