A custom mobility solution on iPhone, iPad and Android for the hospitality industry

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Mobility-powered Solution for Hotels and Resorts

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • ipod
  • Android

What we had to accomplish

The objective of this project was to build a scalable, extensible solution that will allow hotels and resorts to manage their guests in new and innovative ways and provide the hotel guests with the means to request services, get access to customized information, receive relevant notifications and enjoy personalized hospitality.

The solution had to consist of the following components:

How we made it happen

C9 needed an end to end resort solution to cater to various parties such as resort visitors, the resort management staff and the C9 administrative team.

We leveraged our enterprise app development experience to build a resort information management framework which can spin up individual instances for resorts to manage their resort content and services. We also built custom mobile software (iOS and Android) for resort visitors to help them make the most of their stay at the resort.

The web app that is theC9’s admin console has been designed to be a flexible framework that allows resort-wise customization of templates that translate to screens on the resort’s mobile app. Rich with functionality to manage resort clientele, design and assign templates to them, an image library and a user management system, it is meant to serve a multitude of clients and their unique needs.

The web app that is the resort’s admin console is a feature-rich CMS. Resorts can dynamically add content as per templates assigned to them by the C9 administrator. They can also manage guest lists, services offered, incoming service requests, set up a geofence for sending out notifications and much more.

Towards a truly ‘Cloud-9’ experience…

Next Steps…

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