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Boston Children’s Hospital: Patient Engagement and Data Collection App

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What we had to  accomplish

The challenge was to provide an intuitive mobile interface that youngsters would love to use (and not just discard as yet another ‘fight – obesity – with – these – simple – steps’ tool that’s neither fun nor helpful) and at the same time, maximize the information gathered by creatively harnessing the power of mobility.


The mobile solution thus evolved as an app which allowed the participant to  

And as they did so, technology was used to  

How we made it happen

BTC worked with Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) to understand the kind of cues they wanted to capture from the real-time environment of the participant.

Features were designed and laid out to leverage the capabilities of the mobile platform in this endeavor.

An interactive application was then built for the iPhone with an elegantly designed database. The app utilized the device camera and voice recorder to facilitate live information capture.

The application was designed and built to seamlessly and instantly transfer user inputs to a secure cloud-based system. Code was written to intelligently handle heavy data such as images and media files thus ensuring smooth user experience.


What we Built

Technology – iOS, Objective-C for iPhone app development, Voice-to-Text Conversion, Web Services, MySQL


Next Steps…

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