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VoiceUp is a cutting-edge app designed to help researchers at MIT elucidate the links between vocal biomarkers and neuropsychological disorders. This application seeks to use state-of-the-art neuroimaging techniques and vocal analyses to explore the brain mechanisms underlying voice changes in adults suffering from depression.

How We Helped

  • MIT’s VoiceUp app was built to address the prevalent condition of depression and needed to cater to a wide range of study participants.
  • BTC leveraged Ionic ResearchKit, which is an open source library equivalent to Apple’s ResearchKit framework, to build a hybrid native app on Android and iOS.

How We Delivered

MIT needed an efficient and effective way to collect information from their survey participants and help them keep track of various aspects of their mental health through a series of survey questions and speech prompts.


Features include :

  • Ability to identify users eligible for the study from a questionnaire.
  • User consent.
  • Presenting visual content for user’s consent.
  • Capturing user’s initials and signature on the consent doc.
  • Ability to share consent via email.
  • Customized survey text questions.
  • Intuitive voice recording questions.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Calendarized user activity display.
  • Chart-based user survey results/voice analysis.

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