‘Heroes Health’ app built on the MyStudies platform to support Covid-19 healthcare workers

For the FDA, BTC built the 'FDA MyStudies platform' on 'Google Cloud' on which Heroes Health has is built.



Consumer health, Wellness



American healthcare workers have been heavily impacted by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Every day they have to treat thousands of patients while trying to protect themselves and their families from infections. The psychological toll puts these healthcare workers at the risk for anxiety, and depression. But without a way to assess the mental health of these healthcare workers, there was no way to provide effective interventions.

The Challenge

    Thousands of first responders and healthcare workers across the country are suffering from mental stress while they continue to support those hit with Covid-19. What could be a quick and straightforward way for them to check on their mental health and find immediate resources?

    The Solution

      Heroes Health is a mobile app (Android and iOS) built on an open-source platform called ‘FDA MyStudies’ built by BTC for the FDA on Google Cloud.


      The app is HIPAA-compliant and enables real-world data collection via a user-friendly survey and assessment interface.


      The app has automated reminders for health workers to enter mental health data.


      Based on user data analysis, the app provides relevant links for immediate support and mental health resources, including free and low-cost services.


      Healthcare providers can keep track of their workers’ mental health and proactively reach out to them using the app and engage them for mental health support.


      Cloud-based user data is retrieved, curated, and presented on a dashboard. This data helps compile necessary metrics and identify areas where more mental health staff support is needed.


      Platform: Mobile – iOS and Android



      • Frontend: HTML,CSS Angular, TypeScript, Jasmine, ESLint
      • Backend: Java, Spring Boot 2.x, Spring MVC, Spring Security 
      • Database: MySQL
      • GCP Services: Firestore, Cloud Storage, StackDriver, CloudBuild
      • DevOps tools: Terraform, Docker, Maven
      • Web server: Tomcat, NGINX.

      The Outcome

        Heroes Health app was an instant hit, and thousands of healthcare workers are using it.


        Eleven hospitals affiliated with UNC adopted the app. The app then made its way to Cooper University Health Care in NJ, Jefferson Health in PA, Grady Health in Atlanta, GA. It now has users in 48 states across the US.


        App adoption is also financially supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and BofA foundation


        It has made its mark for use in the future for any emergency and health crisis.

        Your healthcare program deserves
        all the advantages that digital technology delivers.