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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is an international leader in pediatric medicine, research, and education. Affiliated with the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, the hospital has approximately 634 pediatric beds.

The Challenge

The hospital sought a frictionless digitized method to conduct surveys for its patients and their guardians to gather patient nutrition information. With the current process, the staff spent many hours of effort in strenuous, paper-based survey collection, which was prone to human errors. It was also tricky to instantly sync the manual survey data with the hospital’s CVIS, limiting physicians’ ability to access it promptly.

The Solution

BTC designed an iPad application to conduct surveys and collect data about children’s eating habits and nutritional preferences.

BTC integrated the application with the Lumedx-the hospital’s Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS) via a REST-based web services layer. This integration enabled instantaneous synchronization of the collected data with CVIS, thus providing the physicians timely access during the care visits.

The application offered encrypted access to critical patient data, thereby enhancing data security and confidentiality.

Admin users could supervise the process in real-time, suspend or resume the surveys effortlessly while securely providing role-based access to the app.

The iPad app provided a smooth, intuitive UX design, enterprise-grade security, and robust data integration.

The Outcome

Physicians could use the nutrition data in near real-time during patient care visits.

Using the iPad app has helped the hospital staff save hundreds of hours of manual data entry and reduce human errors.

For patients and guardians, the digitized process meant effortless, hassle-free, paper-free access to information.

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