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Healthy Launchpad, Inc. was co-founded by a physician and a global healthcare business leader. Its 'Sensable Health' program is a 26-week sustainable weight loss program achieved by addressing an individual's biology, hormones, metabolism, health, and habits. 

The program focuses on lowering Set Point - a metabolism regulator in the human body - focusing on four domains - nutrition, activity, sleep, and stress. 

An individual user begins the program with a baseline questionnaire, lab testing, and setting up the Fitbit watch and scale. The information thus gathered is used to develop a personalized weight loss approach spread across weeks. Participants stay engaged with the program via a mobile application and interactions with their coach. 

The Challenge

  • Ideate, design, and build a new digital platform comprising multiple Android, iOS, and web applications. 
  • End-users, admin users, wellness coaches, and employers were to use these applications, each warranting unique features. 
  • Multiple integrations with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software.
  •  This mandated presence of team members with diverse technical skills and experience.
  • Set up / adhere to proactive security protocols such as firewalls, data, hardware encryption, and access control. 
  • Follow healthcare industry standards for HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity for Personal Health Information collected during the program.
  • Requirement of rapid time to market

The Solution

BTC worked closely with Healthy Launchpad, Inc. and passed the stringent evaluations to win the project mandate. 

Quickly mobilized the required resources with multiple skills needed on this project. 

The team at BTC executed a rapid ‘Sprint 0’ to scope the requirements for the suite of applications, with the UI design running in parallel. 

We finalized the platform comprising three web portals and two mobile applications (iOS and Android) using GitHub and Docker for storing container images.

Defined particular touchpoints of multiple types of users across hundreds of interactions on these applications. 

Set up interoperability between the portals and an external CMS (Drupal) and rules engines (Decisions). 

Integrated the platform with Fitbit devices (Versa 2 watch and Aria 2 scales) and the Apple Watch. 

It was also integrated with a laboratory information system (Quest), capturing users’ lab test results multiple times during the program. 

AWS Lambda was used extensively to run scheduled jobs and trigger processes independently without instance conflicts.

Used intelligent and efficient code to save data using Sub path API and JDBC batch update.

Involved multiple integrations, including:

1. Fitbit devices (Versa 2 watch and Aria 2 scales) and the Apple Watch to collect health data, including activity, sleep, and weight. 

2. Kafka, a distributed event streaming platform, to process Fitbit updates, calculating index scores on the fly based on data update.

3. Twilio, a large communication platform, has a video chat feature to schedule calls between coaches and participants. Also, supported peer-to-peer and technical support chat.

4. Nutritionix, a global nutrition database, to provide the nutritional value of food entered by users.

5. Quest, a laboratory information system, for capturing users’ lab test results multiple times during the program. 

We designed well-thought-through mobile applications for end-users: 

  • Ongoing digital coaching with daily goals and objectives, educational and motivational materials, and customized tools and resources. 
  • Rules-based prompts, alerts, and reminders to help users achieve goals and objectives.
  • Simple and easy-to-use data logging and tracking tools for nutrition, activity, sleep, and stress. 
  • A ‘Sensable Health Index’ to help users keep track of progress and identify daily focus areas. 

The Outcome

Met all stringent and complex requirements on all fronts – talent, technology, execution, compliance, user know-how, and business acumen. We built the entire platform well within time and budget. The Healthy Launchpad, Inc. team was delighted to see it go live. 

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